Sarah Monnier

A Revisionist History of Sarah Monnier: From the Turkish National Opera to raising young musickers, Sarah Monnier has filled her life with joyful sound. She’s a voice performance artist, a composer of modern symphony, and has recently been offered a season as Guest Conductor of the Des Moines Philharmonic. Her publications include a new translation of Gottfried’s NibblyGosshenDarnitalung and Mama’s Guide to Family Harmony, and she recently appeared in Mythgard Miscellany to lead the Pub Night crowd in baking seed cake. Her future ambitions include settling on the moon with her family and establishing the Lunar Collaborative Symphony and Opera.

A warm and smiling woman offers a bundt-shaped seed cake fresh from the oven. Her bright eyes, gingham apron, and spotless kitchen tell us that this is a Mama on the go, leading the charge against chaos, one small child at a time.