Sam Roche

Sam Roche is a lover of East-Asian languages and cultures. Immediately after high school, he embarked on a journey to South Korea that stood as a foundation for later explorations. Since that time, he has lived in Korea, China, and Japan while working and studying their respective languages. He currently holds a B.A. in TESOL from the University of Northern Iowa because he thinks teaching languages is an exceptionally fitting way to build bridges in the world. When not engaged in multilingual endeavors or conversation, he enjoys strength training and martial arts. As a human, he is constantly in search of and frequently in awe of the links between language, physicality, and spirituality

Sam Roche appears to be a man of European descent sitting in front of a brightly lit window. He's been distracted by something off to his right and has turned his head to look at it with curiosity. His curly hair speaks of hobbit ancestry.