Patrick Lyon

Patrick Lyon is a graduate of the Program of Liberal Studies at the University of Notre Dame and is currently in the midst of completing his Master’s Thesis with Signum University. He is presently whiffling his way through the tulgy wood of academia in a foolhardy attempt to defeat his manxome foe: completing a translation of an obscure Old English Poem from the Exeter Book.

After failing in his best childhood attempts to incinerate, stab, electrocute, and drown himself, Patrick continued in his dedication to futile causes and decided to become a high school teacher. He currently teaches Latin in addition to Ancient and Medieval Literature at a Classical School in Lisle, IL. He also presented on principles of poetry in Black Speech at Mythmoot IX, and writes Movie and TV Features for

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, Beowulf, juggling, Irish music, more Beowulf, playing the violin, a pipe full of Old Toby, a spot of the Old Winyards, and tilting at windmills of various sizes. He enjoys all the comforts of a hobbity home with his lovely wife and three rambunctious children.

Patrick Lyon cuts a very dapper Hobbitty vibe in patterned waistcoat, green and blue kilt pleated to sett, kilt belt and brown leather sporran. His brown beard and horn rimmed glasses furthers the impression, perhaps as the head of school in Hobbiton or the first Hobbit professor of poetry at the University of Minas Tirith. He's surrounded by a lovely lush garden and wooden fences, and he's got a very kind smile.