Knewbetta is a walker-between-worlds like Glorfindel. He was raised in a lower income African-American neighborhood of wealthy eastern Long Island. He’s a man from the hood and a Tolkien lore expert. He was a kid taking detention in the library… where a friend handed him a copy of The Hobbit. He fell in love with Middle-earth, with the beautiful escape of the world, with the poems, descriptions, and tightly woven interdependencies like his home neighborhood and the hip-hop music he loved.

As an online Tolkien content creator, his gift is making the full complexities of Tolkien’s work accessible to every listener. As a SPACE preceptor, Knewbetta lectures, invites discussion, and helps students draw connections in Tolkien’s complex lore. He lives on Long Island with his wonderful wife and two beautiful boys.

Knewbetta's warm smile invites us into the world of story. He's a man of African ancestry wearing a bright red cozy sweatshirt and a jaunty black baseball cap. He's standing in his kitchen with a gentle tilt of his head like he's welcoming us to sit down, kick up our feet, and listen to a great story.