Joel Merriner

Joel Merriner is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth, where he teaches modules on art historical methodologies, visual culture, and the history of book illustration. His master’s degree focused on the work of the Ukrainian Tolkien illustrator Sergei Iukhimov and his Ph.D. explored visual alterity within late Soviet-era Central and Eastern European illustrated translations of The Lord of the Rings. Joel is currently writing a monograph on Tolkien illustration in the Soviet Bloc. His latest research focuses on the global imaginary and the interconnected nature of Tolkien book illustration, fanart and film. When not peering intently at images, Joel can often be found hill-walking, playing D&D, listening to folk music, or annoying people with his concertina.

Joel Merriner is a bespectacled man of European descent who has more than a little grey in his red beard. He's very close to the camera, mostly blocking the wall behind himself, but there is a corner of a picture showing on the wall and I cannot for the life of me tell if it's a fancy depiction of the tragedy mask or a map with a waterfall running through it.