Jessi Robinson


Not long after Jessi began her undergraduate degree in 1998, she realized she never wanted to leave college. Since completing a B.A. in English from Salem State University in 2002, she has only spent one year not affiliated with an institute of higher ed – it was one of the worst years of her life. Her return to college was through Human Resources, and it only took 5 years to realize student services was her real interest so she returned to school and completed an M.S. in College Student Development & Counseling from Northeastern University in 2011. She has worked in college administration since then, dabbling in enrollment and registration, curriculum management, scheduling, advising, university policy, student records, and now primarily focuses on degree progress and certification at UMass Boston.

Jessi lives in southern Massachusetts with her wife, child, and menagerie of pets. When she’s not thinking about college or listening to Tolkien-related podcasts, Jessi’s volunteering with her local Girl Scout council or higher ed professional organization, crafting, making home renovations, or trying to coax the wild berries in her yard to increase their crop each year.

Jessi came to Signum through listening to the Tolkien Professor podcast & Mythgard Institute classes on her long commutes. When she learned of a volunteer opportunity in event registration, she knew the Fates had acted. She has since had a primary role in developing the Signum student information systems, advises graduate students, and tries to ensure all Signum students can reach their educational goals. Her work is guided by two mottoes, “life shouldn’t be complicated” and “Be Prepared.” If she sets up the right foundations and paths for students, the only challenges they should face are papers and exams, both of which she personally swore off of in May, 2011 to become a semi-professional class auditor and fully professional student supporter.