Jeremy Larson

Jeremy Larson studied creative writing and English at Bob Jones University, later earning his Ph.D. in English from Baylor University. He has taught English for more than a decade at various secondary schools, colleges, and universities—including Regent University where he is an assistant professor. His favorite literary work is John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and he enjoys the contemporary work (mostly YA fantasy) of N. D. Wilson. He lives in Virginia Beach and is a proud girl dad. He played trumpet and soccer for many years (though not at the same time), and continues to play when possible with enthusiastic mediocrity.

Jeremy Larson is a man of European ancestry with sandy brown hair and beard with no sign of greying. His professional attire includes a blue and yellow tarten necktie which goes so very perfectly with his blue jacket. In the background is a white wall and what looks a bit like a white Greek-inspired column.