Catherine Conners

Catherine graduated from Central Michigan University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education, as a double major in English and History. She earned her M.A. in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University in 2022. She spent four years working in university writing centers, has taught students ranging from preschool to college, and currently works as an academic advisor at Fordham University.

Cate is an avid reader and lifelong story-maker. She’s participated in National Novel Writing Month since eighth grade, and is working on writing at least three stories at any given time. Other passions include tea, coffee, hiking, camping, and kayaking, plants, cats, and sharing good food with friends.

Cate is outdoors where she's happiest— and I have honestly never seen a bigger smile, ear-to-ear and apple-cheeked. Whitewater right behind her suggests that this photo was taken when she was in a kayak. She's a young woman of European descent with brown hair probably in a ponytail wearing a hoodie and a ball cap to prevent sunburn on this gorgeous, sunny day. Her face is turned upward toward the canopy of nearby trees as though she is greeting all of her squirrel friends.