Anni Foasberg

Nancy “Anni” Foasberg is a scholarly communication librarian at Queens College, CUNY, where she previously served as a humanities librarian with subject responsibility for English and a few other departments. She received her MA in English and her BA in English and Spanish from California State University, Chico, and her MLS from Drexel University. Before coming to librarianship, she taught composition at several different institutions. These days, she is professionally interested in open access and supporting institutional repositories. She is an avid anime fan and board gamer, and a more desultory birder and Wikipedian. She lives in New York with her husband and a little autumn cat.

Anni is on a mountain somewhere with wooded landscape below in the distance. Squinting in the sunlight enhances her dimpled smile. She's a woman of European descent who wears spectacles and has tied her hair back for this adventure. She is being hugged by someone off camera and we're delighted that they go hiking together!