Aidan Aannestad

Aidan Aannestad has a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of North Dakota, and has spent some time doing documentation work on an underdocumented language of Papua New Guinea. He has an enduring interest in all of the different ways that different languages work, and in some of the more misunderstood mechanisms that they employ (e.g. information structure, tone). He has been building constructed languages for more than half his life now (and credits Tolkien with his interest in linguistics), and is interested in the role constructed languages can play in fiction.

Aiden has been shy about sharing his photo, so enjoy this bit of calligraphy which demonstrates how different scribes' handwriting might have rendered the same letter (thorn) slightly differently from each other. I think that Aidan, with his interest in cool languages, will be content for this image to serve for now.