Writer’s Forge: great help and a promotional offer!

Decorative image of open laptop, stack of books icluding Malory's Morte D'Arthur, and a notebook and pen. The open laptop includes an image of Gabriel Schenk lecturing, as though the note-taker is jotting down something Dr. Schenk said in class to be used in the paper they are trying to write and very much need a Writer's Forge Wordsmith's advice on.

Signum University’s Writer’s Forge service exists to help all writers–in any genre, at any stage of a project–to perfect their craft. Our caring, experienced Wordsmiths read your work carefully, provide attentive suggestions for revision, and work with you individually to shape your piece into something powerful, professional, clear, and compelling. Email us, we’ll match you and your project with the right Wordsmith, you’ll send them your document for their close reading, and then you’ll meet to hear their ideas for revision. We are confident you’ll leave energized and inspired to make your writing stronger than ever! 

And what’s more, we have a promo going on whereby you can get a session for half off the usual price. Simply make an appointment, meet with your Wordsmith, and then recommend our services to someone else. Send them this link, then you and your friend should each fill out this form to request the promo. After they’ve had their first appointment, you will each get half off your next session. 

Are you working on a class assignment? Need to develop your thesis? Want ideas for how to reorganize your thoughts into the most logical order? Looking for some citation help? Or have you finished the paper, and now you want to adapt it for a conference presentation or expand it for an academic publication? Our Wordsmiths are English professors with academic publication experience who can guide you through all those steps. 

Maybe you are building a secondary world and having trouble with some character development, narrative structuring, plot points, or elements of the atmosphere. Perhaps you’re carefully shaping a sonnet cycle or some song lyrics. Our Wordsmiths have taught creative writing, have written many imaginative pieces, and would be delighted to serve as an observant reader of your work-in-progress. 

Or do you have a talk coming up for class, work, a Moot, or something else? Want somebody to practice on? We are seasoned public speakers who will listen eagerly and provide you with ideas for engaging and professional delivery of the talk, revisions to the script, and direction for further development. 

So come on over now to take advantage of our Recommend-a-Friend half-off promotion. Remember: after your appointment, send your friend this link, then you and they should each fill out this form to request the promo. After they’ve had their first appointment, you will each get half off your next session. 

Happy writing!