Writer’s Forge Embraces Expanded Mission

a jumble of colorful pens scattered joyfully across an orange-covered journal.

Do you need an outside reader to check your writing? Experienced scholars, undergraduate beginners, engineers who find themselves writing grant proposals, and creative writers of all stripes can find professional, thorough writing coaches at Writer’s Forge. Whoever you are, from any institution or none at all, you are welcome to hire Signum University’s Wordsmiths for consultation.

When you contact Writer’s Forge via email, you’ll explain what kind of help you would like. Reader feedback? Organizational suggestions? Formatting advice? Research help? Citation checks? Grammatical guidance?  We will match you to a Wordsmith whose skills and experience will fit you best.

You’ll meet with your Wordsmith via Zoom for half an hour at a time, usually using a Google document as the focus. You can work with your Wordsmith as often as you need; the service costs $30 US (which includes your Wordsmith’s prep time as well). Many people arrange weekly or monthly sessions with their Wordsmith to support them, whether for the duration of a specific project or for ongoing writing skill development.

We are especially eager to help people preparing to give conference papers! Getting one’s slides just right, practicing public speaking, mastering the flow of a presentation, getting the timing just right, judging the rhetorical situation, choosing just the right diction, making accessible learning materials, and including your whole community all take work and preparation. Help your presentation be memorable, engaging, and informative by polishing it up with the help of a Wordsmith.

We look forward to working with you.

The Cats of Signum Pin-Up for May, Juno of Prince Edward Island, enjoys particularly well-constructed syllogisms.