Registration Changes for Spring 2017

Registration Changes for Spring 2017

Signum University is growing, and over the last several months the Registration Team, led by the fearless Dr. Corey Olsen, have been customizing a new digital campus management system to accommodate our expansion. Sycamore Campus will streamline many of the functions typically hidden behind the curtain, including management of student profiles, access to grades/transcripts, billing, etc.

As a first step in moving to the new digital campus environment, registrations for Signum University’s Spring 2017 courses will be processed through the Sycamore Campus system, rather than through the RegOnline system used in the past. This new registration process will allow our hard-working members of the Registration Team to streamline the registration process, allowing us to open course registration much earlier in the future. It will also set the stage for additional enhancements for students (coming Summer 2017) that provides them to access course registration, classroom pages, library resources, announcements, and related documents and resources – all in a single place!

As an added bonus, after the full transition to the Sycamore system in Summer 2017, it will cost Signum less money to run our digital campus. This allows us to make better use of the generous donations raised during our fall fundraising campaign and throughout the year, and to put the money saved towards further enhancing the overall student experience and offering access to more resources.

We’re very excited about these changes, and while there may be a few hiccoughs here and there as we implement them, we truly believe that the end result will be a better online learning system for Signum students, staff, and faculty alike!

How Course Registration Will Change

As stated above, Spring 2017 course registration will occur through the new Sycamore Campus. Due to this transition, there will be some changes to the course enrollment process. To help existing and prospective students understand how this transitional process affects them, we’ve outlined the changes below based on enrollment type.

New MA or Certificate Program Students

If you are interested in starting your journey toward earnings Master’s degrees or completing one of our Certificate programs, the process still begins with submitting an application. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to enroll in your first Signum course through the new Sycamore Campus.

Active MA or Certificate Program Students

If you are already enrolled in a Master’s or Certificate program and have taken a class within the last three semesters, you have been assigned to a Student Advisor. Student Advisors have already been reaching out to our credit students to provide login information for Sycamore Campus, and registration instructions are soon to follow. Contact your Student Advisor with any questions or for more information; if you don’t know who your advisor is, contact the Signum University Support Team and your message will be directed appropriately.

Auditors (All Levels)

Auditors who are NOT active MA or Certificate program students will need to create a new profile in the Sycamore Campus system using the link below:

Create new auditor profile in Sycamore Campus

IMPORTANT: MA and Certificate students SHOULD NOT create a new profile with this link, even if you are also auditing a course this semester – contact your Student Advisor for registration details.

Once the auditor profile is created and activated, you will receive an email from the Registration Team with details about how to enroll in your course. Note that the activation process is manual, so it may take up to 24 hours to activate your profile.

Watch Dr. Olsen’s Tutorial Video

Confused about what’s going on? Dr. Olsen has created a quick (about 11 minutes) video tutorial showing the registration process and providing additional explanation about these changes. You can watch the video embedded below, or hop over to our YouTube channel for more information.

Further Up and Further In

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this transitionary period. We believe that Sycamore Campus will provide a more more streamlined and engaging place for all students and auditors, with a single place to enroll in all your courses each semester without the need to access different links for each course!