Learn What You Love!

On a field of snow, white flowers in a vase with greens and a single red rose propre.

We’re not here for chocolates, cards, and romance.  What about the Big Three: Philosophy, the love of wisdom,  Philology, the love of words, and Philomathy, the love of learning?

A family takes Latin SPACE courses together.  A Master’s program student invited his mum to join him in a Germanic Philology course — and now she’s pursuing her own degree.  A mother supports her teen’s creative writing by making Signum Academy part of the homeschool plan.  Two friends who live hundreds of miles apart work through the lectures and readings of the Anytime Audit Intro Old English course together.

These are real things actually happening.

This is love at Signum University.

We go beyond nurturing our love of learning and knowledge. Love is about connection, even more so at an online university. Staff babies receive handknit bright blue jackets and yellow slippers.  Mythmoot holds as many quiet conversations between internet friends meeting in person as it does world-class keynotes and presentations.

Love in SPACE!  Want to try your hand at love poetry?  How about the Creative Writing: Poetry in Forms SPACE course?  SPACE is full of month-long non-credit fun modules offered by preceptors sharing their passions, and you definitely deserve to pamper yourself with one!  In SPACE, you can express your love for children, far-flung grandchildren, and niblings everywhere by writing down old family stories and new tales of hope in Writing for Children.  What about exploring the classic fairy tale motifs of From Apples to Bears!  You can even show yourself some care through Conversational French, the language of love!

Love abounds in Signum’s graduate program in Language and Literature as well!  Want to celebrate a classic love triangle that gets pretty much everyone killed?  Study the Laxdæla saga in the Norse Myths & Sagas course!  You’ll also enjoy the myth of a miserable marriage between the sea-god Njord and the giantess Skadi, who hate each other’s abodes and have a loveless marriage; also the love-sickness of Frey when he wants to marry the giantess Gerd in Skírnismál! (Are you thinking that you’ve found your people?)

What about reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s work celebrating his marriage to his beloved wife Edith in the Beyond Middle-earth course or Tolkien’s Poetry?  What about exploring  the relationship between C.S. Lewis and Mythologies of Love and Sex?  Or reading Geoffrey Chaucer’s Visions of Love?

Disastrous consequences of ill-advised love affairs more your style?  May we suggest Classical Myths & Legends or Shakespeare and the Middle Ages?  Let us study Philology, the love of words!   Or the love of friends for one another and of good kings for their peopleAll of the grad school courses can be pursued when they “run currently” or at your leisure as Anytime Audits!

Whatever it is you love, Signum can help you connect with your passions and like-minded friends who share the same interests. Contact [email protected] to find out how to participate in Signum programming, whether for fun or credit.  You’re going to love it!

This entirely wonderful photo of Lady Persephone Rosalind “Pudding” Eccleston may be interpreted as the Cats of Signum February pin-up.