Goldberry Comes to Signum U!

Friends, registration is open for the Spring 2022 term in the MA and Graduate diploma programs.  When you follow this link, you can look over courses and click on “Register Now” to be introduced to Goldberry, our brand new registration system.

Goldberry is intuitive and easy to use!  Simply log in with your @SignumU student email address:

The Home screen is your Student Dashboard.  It’s just one click to the Enrollment page:

Then simply click on the course you want at the level of involvement you want.

You can go back and enroll in another course, and when you’re ready click “Checkout”.  All payments are secure!

Finally, if your class level has a discussion group, you can indicate your availablility in your final registration step.  The schedulers really do like to get little notes about your specific scheduling needs!

To see these screenshots directly, please follow this link.

You might notice that some of your data is incompletely transferred from Sycamore; we’re going to give Goldberry the best washing-day data scrub that we know how to do.