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Mark Lachniet

Student, Board Member, Digital Campus Volunteer

Mark Lachniet is a student and independent researcher who focuses on both the humanities and technology.

Jonathan Spencer

Board Member

Member Board of Directors. General Counsel Museum of Science Fiction. Attorney specializing in technology, internet, and general corporate law.

Lynn Schlesinger

Board Member (Student Representative)

Student Representative to the Board of Directors, has audited 6 courses, has a background as a student, and a teacher (taught Sociology for 20+ years).

Sarah Powell

Board Member: Elected Staff Member; Digital Media Co-ordinator

Sarah spends her evenings working towards her MA at Signum University, as well as fulfilling the roles of Board Member (Working Team Member) Digital Media Co-ordinator for Signum/Mythgard. As co-ordinator, she ensures that all video media is created, edited, and published efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

Edward T. Powell

Curator of Computational Complexities, Chairman of the Council of the Wise, Member of the Board of Directors

Ed owns his own defense technology consulting firm, and spends his free time listening to audio books and podcasts, and playing with his two European Burmese cats.

Liza H. Gold

Board Member

Liza H. Gold, MD is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Gold has a private practice in general and forensic psychiatry in Arlington, Virginia and is an award winning author and editor. Most recently, Dr. Gold edited and contributed to Gun Violence and Mental Illness (American Psychiatric Publishing, […]

Sara Brown

Board Member: Elected Faculty Member; Preceptor

Sara is a Preceptor within the Language and Literature faculty. She is also Elected Faculty Member on the Board.

Andrew Higgins

Board Member; Lecturer

Dr, Andrew Higgins - Inaugural Student of The Mythgard Institute, board member and new lecturer.

Corey Olsen

University President; Board Member: President; Lecturer

Corey Olsen is president of Signum University. He brings his scholarship on Tolkien to the public, seeking to engage a wide and diverse audience in serious intellectual and literary conversation though his podcast, The Tolkien Professor.