Celebrate Our Signum Community

Rather lovely swoopy art style depicts mountains, trees, very tall humanoid beings. I think that the style invites us to feel uplifted, to look to the sky, to stand a little straighter. The words say: Empowering Subcreation; Cultivating Connections.

The fun of Mythgard!
The excitement of SPACE!
The rigor of the Graduate School!

Signum is no correspondence school or passive entertainment channel. Leading the revolution in global education, Signum University is a community. Folks who attend Mythgard productions with The Tolkien Professor engage him and one another in conversation, debate, and discovery. Preceptor passions drive the content of SPACE and the most interested students get to bring the modules to fruition. The Graduate School integrates synchronous online meetings, asynchronous engagement in discussion, and responsive faculty in a program which produces intangible reward of broadening and deepening learning—and the tangible results of conference presentations, articles, book reviews, and further scholarship witness this internal growth.

University President Corey Olsen invites us all to consider Signum’s past year of growth:

No one is accomplishing these things alone. Students, teachers, advisors, staff—Signum blurs those lines because we believe deeply that we’re simply all learners. Some of us have passions and expertise to share, some of us are developing our voice and our interests, and will be leading the explorations into new passions soon!

The engagement of each one of us, through speaking, learning, volunteering, and financial support is what makes this the best possible future of education. On reflection, they are old-fashioned notions: empowering our fellow travelers and cultivating our community.

Signum is all of us. Thank you for supporting our community.