A Note on Signum Staff

Just a bit of a programming note to ensure we are all on the same page:

The Signum University and Mythgard Institute staff is here to ensure the best possible experience for all current – and future – students.  The staff works diligently to create programming and maintain resources for all of our diverse clients, visitors and fans.  While our staffers are highly committed to providing informed, personal interactions with all correspondents it is important to note that they are also committed to highly involved day jobs (a reality of our start up status).  It’s also important to remember that the staff is made up entirely of professionals in the many respective fields that our operations call upon.  I ask that those dealing with the staff stay ever mindful of the exceptional efforts these skilled individuals put forth in this building stage of both Signum University and Mythgard Institute.  I also thank each of you for your continued feedback, support and commitment to the future of higher education.

– President Olsen

As always, you can get in touch with the staff with your questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions by using the Contact page of our site!