A Community of Learners

mugs and pewter cups for celebrating community with refreshing and comforting beverages

by Alexandria Miracola

Have you been searching for an online university that provides a wide variety of opportunities to connect with fellow students? If so, we here at Signum University are pleased to report that your search has come to an end. Whether students hope to find community online or at in-person events (or a pleasant mixture of both), Signum has something to offer. Pull up a chair by the hearth, and we will be happy to tell you all about it.

One of the first opportunities you will have to virtually meet other students is the asynchronous discussion board in the Google classroom. Here, students can share their questions, debate theories, and offer feedback on research paper topics, all of which combines to make these discussion boards a rich resource for students during their academic journey.

Student community flourishes beyond the Google classroom as well, and there are several online platforms where students can gather. On the Mythgard Forums, students engage in a wide variety of topics, such as obscure Tolkien adaptations in the Community Hearth and academic discussions about what an adaptation of The Silmarillion might look like, known as The Silmfilm Project.

There is also space on the forums for discussions on Science Fiction and Classical and Medieval Literature, as well as a Creative Writing corner, where students can engage in a Peer Review Workshop and discover Contests and Publishing Opportunities. Similar chances for discussion can be found on Signum’s Discord channel, the Mythgard Institute Scholars Group on Goodreads, and the Eagle and Dragon: Unofficial Signum and Mythgard Student Hangout, a private, student-led Facebook group.

For students who would like to connect at in-person events (or synchronously online), Signum sponsors regional gatherings called “moots,” where students can participate in academic conversations, present papers, hear special guests speak, and enjoy plenty of social time with other guests. These gatherings take place all over the country, and there are two upcoming events. TexMoot is on March 26th in Austin, Texas, and attendees will explore “Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers: How Imaginary Worlds Teach Us to Care for This One.” Sunshine Moot is taking place on April 2nd in Winter Park, Florida. The theme for this year is “The Practice of Magic,” and there is still time to submit a paper, panel, or presentation proposal for consideration before March 12th.

The biggest event of the year, Mythmoot, happens annually in June. Featuring world class keynote speakers and our annual graduation ceremony, Mythmoot brings the university together for learning and relationship. The summer term break happens the week of Mythmoot so we can be in the moment together. All of our Moots are now both in-person and remote, and the Remote Team has perfected the art of giving a full-scale experience to all the distance attendees.

Regardless of your interests and passions, there is a space within the student community for you to share them with others, whether you choose to do so virtually or in person. So, without further ado, welcome to the fellowship of learners who journey through Camelot, wander the gardens of the Shire, embark on galactic adventures, and take in the sweeping view from the heights of Minas Tirith. The journey might be long and perilous, but at Signum, we can promise that you will never be journeying alone.

Demonstrating the spirit of fellowship, the Cats of Signum pin-ups for March are The Ridiculosity Brothers: Apollo Lightbringer and Orion the Hunter.

Two cream-colored cats recline in a luxurious blue bed, giving the viewer an insouciant gaze which speaks of feline suaveness.