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  • Decorative image of open laptop, stack of books icluding Malory's Morte D'Arthur, and a notebook and pen. The open laptop includes an image of Gabriel Schenk lecturing, as though the note-taker is jotting down something Dr. Schenk said in class to be used in the paper they are trying to write and very much need a Writer's Forge Wordsmith's advice on.

    Writer’s Forge: great help and a promotional offer!

    Signum University’s Writer’s Forge service exists to help all writers–in any genre, at any stage of a project–to perfect their craft. Our caring, experienced Wordsmiths read your work carefully, provide attentive suggestions for revision, and work with you individually to shape your piece into something powerful, professional, clear, and compelling. Email us, we’ll match you […]

  • Logo for the Foundations in Critical Reading & Research course is a clip art style graphic of a shelf, an open laptop, and a stack of thick books with different colored spines.

    Foundations Course Launches August 29th!

    Faith Acker, PhD. not only studies and publishes in the field of Renaissance literature and teaches Latin, she is Curriculum Coordinator for the Master of Arts program at Signum University. In this role, Faith keeps a weather eye on the total program, designing small and large ways to improve our learning opportunities. Faith invites us along […]

  • Mythmoot 9 logo, a phoenix rising up from the head of a humanoid bust.

    Exciting News About Mythmoot IX: Remaking Myth 

    By Bronwyn Rivera. We are pleased to announce that from June 23-26, Mythmoot IX: Remaking Myth will be held at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott (located less than one mile from Dulles Airport in Virginia). All in-person attendees are required to register no later than Thursday, June 9th, and the venue will honor many food […]

  • a jumble of colorful pens scattered joyfully across an orange-covered journal.

    Writer’s Forge Embraces Expanded Mission

    Do you need an outside reader to check your writing? Experienced scholars, undergraduate beginners, engineers who find themselves writing grant proposals, and creative writers of all stripes can find professional, thorough writing coaches at Writer’s Forge. Whoever you are, from any institution or none at all, you are welcome to hire Signum University’s Wordsmiths for […]

  • Six Months in SPACE!

    Celebrate with us six wonderful months of fun in Signum SPACE! When setting out on an academic expedition, learners can easily feel daunted by the countless areas of study there are to choose from. The SPACE program at Signum University is here to guide students through the vast academic frontier, providing opportunities to enjoy focused […]