See the Thursday schedule for Mythmoot to plan your participation

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Schedule subject to change.

Registration Opens

4:30 – Registration Desk


5:30 – 7:00 pm in the Dining Area

Re-enactment of the Flight to the Ford: Corey Olsen

7 – 8 pm at the Fire Pit

Join us for a special re-enactment of the Flight to the Ford with the Tolkien Professor himself, Dr. Corey Olsen, and attempt to discern the intent of the Nazgul’s ambush. Why did they split up? What exactly was their plan? Was Bill Ferny watching from afar?

Show off your thespian skills: Will you be Frodo or another member of the proto-Fellowship? Will you be one of the Black Riders lying in wait? Perhaps you are more suited to be a rolling and grinding boulder. One lucky – if luck you call it – individual will get to show their true shine and play the part of Glorfindel! Come join the fun, merriment, and roleplay. (Horses not provided.)

This event will be streamed live on Signum University’s Twitch channel

Pub Trivia

8:00 – 10:00 pm in the National Secret

A Mythmoot tradition where you can match your wits and memory against other folks with similar arcane knowledge of Tolkien and other fandoms.

Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is back! We are turning one of our rooms into an area where you can have a quiet conversation, read and swap books, write, play board and card games, knit, do crafts, get a LOTRO demo and more. The Room of Requirement is hosted by Tangent Artists ( and will be open throughout most of Mythmoot.

Looking for more information about Mythmoot? Use our contact form or email [email protected].