Mythmoot I: A Long Anticipated Journey

Mythmoot I: A Long Anticipated Journey was held on December 15-16, 2012, in Linthicum, MD

“It’s an academic conference!”
“No, it’s Hobbit party!”

Stop! You’re both right!

Mythmoot I was held on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16, 2012, at the Marriott BWI Hotel in Linthicum, Maryland.

This page preserves some of the details around our first Mythmoot conference. Please also be sure to check out the Signum Library Digital Collections for proceedings from Mythmoots past.

Mythmoot Was Great – Thank You All for Attending!

The Mythgard Institute’s Mythmoot 2012: A Long-Anticipated Journey was both a celebration and a scholarly conference. In other words, attendees laughed while they learned—and they left with some new insights about Tolkien, The Hobbit, and Middle-earth.

Mythmoot kicked off on Saturday, December 15 with a private 3D, 48 frames-per-second showing of Peter Jackson’s newly released film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

From there, attendees convened for a series of panel discussions and breakout sessions focused on the film, Tolkien’s book, and the space in between the two. Saturday night was banquet time — something to do Bilbo Baggins proud. Then Sunday morning’s session comprised presentations of topics developed by conference attendees in the previous day’s sessions; these presentations were captured and published online after the conference.

Original Mythmoot Press Release

Mythgard Institute announces Mythmoot 2012: A Long-Anticipated Journey

Hartly, DE. – When is “dinner and a movie” MORE than just dinner and a movie? When it is a banquet, and the movie is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Mythgard Institute announces the 1st Annual Mythmoot, a gathering of Tolkien fans and scholars to view and then discuss the first installment of Peter Jackson’s three-part film version of The Hobbit.

There will be nothing “stuffy” about Mythmoot. Tolkien scholars and Jackson fans will sit side-by-side as Corey Olsen, Mythgard founder known to the wider world as The Tolkien Professor, serves as host for a highly participative conference that encourages all attendees to contribute to the proceedings.

  • When: Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16
  • Where: Movie viewing at Cinemark Egyptian 24, Hanover, Maryland
    Conference sessions and Saturday night banquet at Marriott BWI Hotel, Linthicum, Maryland
  • What: Private viewing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in full 3D, 48 frame-per-second glory! Lots of discussion about the movie, the book, and the space in between the two. Saturday night banquet in honor of Bilbo Baggins, with music, talk, and hobbit food.
  • Who: Any fan of J.R.R. Tolkien who would like to see the movie and then talk about the experience with like- minded people, including The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen, and other fantasy dignitaries.

The event price of $150 includes movie ticket, all conference sessions, and banquet.

If you are a Tolkien fan who wants more than just dinner and a movie, don’t delay! Register for Mythmoot via the Internet at

The Mythgard Institute is dedicated to making a rigorous, dynamic, and interactive educational experience possible for students around the world through the latest online course tools. Mythgard offers challenging, engaging classes, taught by world-class teachers and leading scholars. The Institute encourages collaboration and intense discussion and works to foster an environment of critical thinking.


Dr. Corey Olsen, known by thousands of fans as The Tolkien Professor, is the creative brain behind Mythmoot—actually, he’s the creative brain behind Mythgard Institute as a whole. A professor of medieval literature with an emphasis on Tolkien studies, Olsen has guided a whole new generation through the history of Middle-earth (and rekindled Tolkien enthusiasm in several older generations) by way of the lectures, seminars, and interviews that make up his podcast library.

Since launching his graduate level curriculum in Literature and Languages in Mythgard Institute, Olsen and his distinguished roster of resident and guest lecturers (which includes top Tolkien scholar Verlyn Flieger and other Tolkien notables including John Rateliff and Douglas Anderson) have delivered courses on Tolkien’s works as well as others including Elementary Latin, Modern Fantasy, The Arthur Story (taught by Flieger), and Taking Harry [Potter] Seriously.

Mythmoot 2012 is the first annual conference of the Mythgard Institute. The objective is to add the conference to the roster of annual Tolkien-related conferences and symposia, offering scholars another avenue to share literary discourse and celebrate the works of Tolkien, his contemporaries, and his inspirations.

Looking for more information about Mythmoot? Use our contact form or email [email protected].