Thesis Theatre: Phil Knight, “Drauma-Jóns Saga: A Digital Edition and Translation”

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Signum MA student Phil Knight will present his thesis “Drauma-Jóns Saga: A Digital Edition and Translation” and respond to questions from the audience in an interactive Thesis Theatre. The discussion will be facilitated by Phil’s thesis supervisor, Dr. Paul Peterson.



Though once long neglected and even disparaged by academia, the Old Norse-Icelandic genre of chivalric sagas or riddarasögur were, to judge by the number of surviving manuscripts containing these stories, clearly extremely popular with their Late Medieval Age audiences. Drauma-Jóns saga, itself preserved in over fifty manuscripts dating from the mid to late fourteenth century through to the nineteenth, was no exception. This study presents a digital edition and English translation of Drauma-Jóns saga (The Story of Dream-Jón) based on the AM 657 4° manuscript housed at the Den Arnamagnæanske Samling repository in Copenhagen, Denmark.


About the Presenter

Phil Knight is from Wolverhampton in the UK. He has been studying for an MA with Signum University since 2017 with a special focus on Germanic Philology. Prior to this he obtained a BA (Hons) in Classical Studies with The Open University.  His academic interests include studying and learning languages (both ancient and modern), Old Norse-Icelandic literature, history (especially medieval), mythology and folklore.  In his spare time he enjoys reading (especially horror and the occult, fantasy and sci-fi), film, TV and theatre, listening to music, and following the fortunes of his beloved football team, West Brom.


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