Thesis Theater: Adam Mattern – C. S. Lewis’s Use of the Medieval Model in His Planetary Fiction

Signum University Thesis Theater
Join us on Thursday, March 14, at 6pm ET for a Thesis Theater with Adam Mattern, who will present his thesis on C.S. Lewis's use of the medieval model in his planetary fiction.


Brenton Dickieson
Coach; Lecturer; Preceptor


March 14, 2019 - 6:00 pm EDT


March 14, 2019 - 7:00 pm EDT

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Event Announcement

Join us on Thursday, March 14, at 6pm ET for a Thesis Theater with recent Signum MA graduate Adam Mattern, who will present his thesis titled “An Image of the Discarded: C. S. Lewis’s Use of the Medieval Model in His Planetary Fiction.” The conversation will be facilitated by Brenton Dickieson, and special guest Lewis scholar, Dr. David Downing, director of the Wade Center at Wheaton College, will join to interview Adam.

Thesis Abstract

Sometime in late 1936 or early 1937, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien agreed to write science fiction stories, since what was being published at the time included too little of what they enjoyed. Within Lewis’s science fiction series, he incorporated the Medieval Model (as described in his The Discarded Image) to construct the cosmos of his trilogy and populate his extraterrestrial worlds of Malacandra and Perelandra. With an eye on Lewis’s history with the genre and his approach to writing fiction, this paper explores why Lewis patterned his cosmos after the Medieval Model and how he used medieval literature to inspire a feeling of Sehnsucht or Joy, a critical component of his fiction. His personal experiences with Sehnsucht informed Lewis’s approach to creating a sense of Other by drawing on spiritual elements, which he believed to be an analog of the type of alien worlds that science fiction readers longed to visit. It was through the Medieval Model and the experience of other worlds that Lewis’s series critiqued and subverted what he saw as the growing misapplication of specific scientific principles to ethics, which had become popular in other science fiction stories of the time.

About the Presenter

Adam Mattern works for Cisco Talos as a team lead for a group that conducts web traffic analysis for a web filtering product. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife as she completes her Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology. He started with Signum University with the Tolkien and the Epic class and discovered Medieval Literature through reading about Tolkien and Lewis’s friendship and their fiction. Now finished with his M.A., he plans to get back into woodworking, writing, and attempting to surmount a reading list that has only been bolstered by his time at Signum.


Join us on Thursday, March 14, at 6pm ET

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