Summer Courses 2022 Preview

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Find out about the new courses offered at Signum University this coming Summer Term (May 2 – July 31) and meet the professors who will be teaching them! Representatives from the courses will be on hand to explain how the classes work, what people can expect if they sign up, and answer questions from the live audience.

If you cannot attend live, please email your question to [email protected] and you will be able to hear the answer in the Youtube recording.


The Summer 2022 Courses

Digital Text – This course is an introduction to developing and working with texts electronically, particularly literary and historical language texts.

Germanic Myths and Legends – This course puts the myths and legends of the medieval Germanic world in their wider cultural and historical contexts.

The Dystopian Tradition – This class will consider historical and current “what if?” thought experiments, including classics such as 1984 and bestsellers like The Hunger Games.

Tolkien in Context – This course examines how Tolkien’s subcreated world of Middle-earth engages with issues and concepts relevant to readers, including racism, immigration, the place of women, the ongoing battle of good versus evil, environmental concerns and the rise of technology.

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Join us on Friday 22 April for a preview of the new courses offered at Signum University in May 2022