Summer Courses 2021 Preview

Signum University Summer Courses 2021
Join us on April 16, 2021, at 2pm ET for a preview of our Summer classes.


Dr. Sara Brown
Sara Brown
Language and Literature Department Chair; M.A. Thesis Coordinator; Lecturer; Preceptor
Larry Swain
Larry Swain
Board Member Faculty Representative; Lecturer; Preceptor
Gabriel Schenk
Gabriel Schenk
Lecturer; Preceptor
Image of Sparrow F. Alden, euro-appearing woman with grey hair
Sparrow F. Alden
Host of WriterSpace & Community Hearth; Website Coordinator; Signum Advisor; Preceptor
Amy H. Sturgis
Visiting Lecturer


April 16, 2021 - 2:00 pm EDT


April 16, 2021 - 3:00 pm EDT

Find out about the new courses offered at Signum University this coming Summer Term (May 3 – July 23), and meet the professors who will be teaching them! Representatives from the courses will be on hand to explain how the classes work, what people can expect if they sign up, and answer audience questions.


The Summer 2021 Courses

Exploring Star Trek – Amy Sturgis boldly takes Signum where it’s never gone before: into Star Trek!

Introduction to Old English – This course provides an introduction to Old English grammar, giving students a working reading competency in the language and the chance to put that knowledge into practice.

Tolkien’s Poetry – In this class, we will examine Tolkien’s short poetic works in detail, taking a chronological look at Tolkien’s career through the window of his poetry.

Classical Myths and Legends – This course puts the myths and legends of the Classical world in their wider cultural and historical contexts.

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