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Join Signum University and Unquendor on April 13, 2019, in Leiden, Netherlands, for a one-day conference on fantasy and science fiction literature, medieval studies, and philology.


Dr. Corey Olsen – suit and tie
Corey Olsen
University President; Board Member Ex Officio; Lecturer


April 13, 2019



Lipsius-gebouw: Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden, Netherlands   View map

Signum University, the Mythgard Institute and Unquendor (the Dutch Tolkien Society) are pleased to announce the Netherlands Speculative Fiction Symposium, aka NederMoot.

Please join us on April 13, 2019, in Leiden, Netherlands, for a one-day get-together consisting of papers and conversation about fantasy and science fiction literature, medieval studies, and philology.

This event page provides some details about the conference. For full event information, please visit

Special Guests

We will have three special guest at NederMoot:

  • Dr. Thijs Porck – Professor and researcher on Old English, Middle English, Tolkien and Medieval Studies at Leiden University
  • Renée Vink – Translator of several Tolkien works and co-founder of the Dutch Tolkien Society, Unquendor
  • Dr. Corey Olsen – “The Tolkien Professor” and founder of Signum University.

Learn more about the Special Guests and the event schedule here.


Registration covers the cost of the venue and includes a lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

  • €20 for University of Leiden students
  • €30 for all other attendees

Registration will also be available on the day of the event.

Register for NederMoot

Note: There will also be a dinner after the moot, at the attendee’s own expense, to be reserved by the moot organizers.

Call for Papers/Panels/Presentations

The theme of NederMoot is Translation, broadly speaking – translation of language, medium and style. However, we encourage people to submit paper ideas on any topic related to imaginative literature, medieval studies, and philology. Submissions for other formats, such as open or mediated discussions, panel sessions or alternative presentations are also encouraged.

For more details and to submit a proposal, go here.




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Join us on April 13, 2019, in Leiden, Netherlands!

Join Us at NederMoot!