How to Present at Conferences

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Join Sørina Higgins, Chair of the Signum University Literature & Language Department, on Thursday, May 17, 8pm EDT for a symposium event on how to present at conferences.

Conference presentations, far from being boring, can be a dynamic, vivid intersections of ideas. This symposium event is designed to give you skills for preparing and delivering the kind of conference talk that will be a pleasant, engaging, enjoyable experience for you and everyone who attends. The story of a conference paper begins far back in your past, in the ways you develop your voice as an instrument of communication, how you train your body for confident presence, and the love you pour into a curious, creative, passionate pursuit of ideas. The presentation itself is the main episode, full of drama, suspense, laughter, and enlightenment. But that is not the end: The question-and-answer session, casual conversations later, and the collaborations that can emerge from conference networking are the rich result of a good paper. This symposium will tell the tale of a victorious conference talk with you as the protagonist.

If you have a question you would like Sørina to cover during the discussion, you can send it ahead of time via email to [email protected].

Sørina Higgins is the Chair of the Department of Language and Literature at Signum University and a Ph.D. candidate, Teacher of Record, and Presidential Scholar at Baylor University. At Signum, she serves as Thesis Coordinator, Host of Signum Symposia, and Preceptor for courses on the Inklings. Her interests include British Modernism, the works of the Inklings, Arthuriana, magic, and performance theory. She holds an M.A. from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, where she wrote about Sehnsucht in the works of C. S. Lewis. She blogs about British poet Charles Williams at The Oddest Inkling. Sørina edited an academic essay collection on The Inklings and King Arthur (Apocryphile Press), wrote the introduction to a new edition of Charles Williams’s Taliessin through Logres (Apocryphile, 2016), and published an edition of The Chapel of the Thorn by Charles Williams (Apocryphile, 2014). As a creative writer, Sørina has published two books of poetry, The Significance of Swans (2007) and Caduceus (2012), and would be working on a novel or two if she weren’t, you know, in grad school.

Join Sørina Higgins on Thursday, May 17, 8pm EDT for a symposium event on how to present at conferences.