Signum Symposium: Roundtable on Summer 2020 Courses

Signum University Summer 2020 Courses
Join a faculty roundtable on Signum's Summer 2020 classes


Image of Sparrow F. Alden, euro-appearing woman with grey hair
Sparrow F. Alden
Preceptor; Signum Advisor; Host of WriterSpace & Community Hearth
Gabriel Schenk
Gabriel Schenk
Lecturer; Preceptor
Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson
Lecturer; Preceptor
Dr. Sara Brown
Dr. Sara Brown
Language and Literature Department Chair; M.A. Thesis Coordinator; Lecturer; Preceptor
Amy H. Sturgis
Visiting Lecturer
Paul Peterson
Director of the Graduate School of Language and Literature; Lecturer; Preceptor
Kristine Ainsworth Swank
Librarian; Preceptor; Lecturer
Maggie Parke
Maggie Parke
Lecturer; Preceptor


April 21, 2020 - 1:00 pm EDT


April 21, 2020 - 2:00 pm EDT

Connect with Signum University professors and other lovers of literature in our Summer 2020 roundtable discussion! Representatives of the four courses on offer this term – The Meaning of Star Wars, Celtic Myth in Children’s Fantasy, Tolkien’s Wars & Middle-earth, and Introduction to Old Norse – will be on hand to explain how their courses work, what people can expect if they sign up, and answer questions.

The Summer 2020 Courses

The Meaning of Star Wars – This May the Fourth, join Dr. Amy H. Sturgis as she explores Star Wars from its inception through its many reinventions and innovations to find its true meaning(s).

Celtic Myth in Children’s Fantasy – This course examines contemporary fantasy works whose authors have adapted, revised and re-imagined the medieval mythological texts of Ireland and Wales.

Tolkien’s Wars & Middle-earth – This course explores the life of J.R.R. Tolkien and the impact his experiences had on his work, with a particular focus on the World War I and World War II time periods.

Introduction to Old Norse – The first half of this course provides a focus on Old Icelandic grammar, and the second half allows students to begin reading from a selection of Old Icelandic prose and poetic texts.

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