Dr. Nelson Goering

Dr. Nelson Goering


An Oxford University scholar, Dr. Nelson Goering studies the older Germanic languages, especially Old English, Old Norse, and Gothic, from perspectives of linguistics and comparative philology. Goering’s doctoral work is focused on a set of related problems dealing with the metrical systems of Germanic alliterative poetry and the prosodic changes that the individual Germanic languages underwent as they developed from Proto-Germanic – one possible way of explaining his work simply is to say that he’s researching how Proto-Germanic poetry might have worked. Nelson also has strong interests in the Indo-European background of the Germanic family, especially in Ancient Greek and the Indo-Iranian language family.

Originally from the rural American Midwest (Wisconsin), Nelson Goering got his BA in Anthropology, with a concentration in Linguistics, from Grinnell College in 2010. He completed his M.Phil. in comparative philology in 2012 with a thesis on the Reconstruction and background of the Germanic class III weak verbs.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
LNGC 5301 Introduction to Anglo-Saxon 12 Weeks May 8, 2017
LNGC 5310 Introduction to Old Norse 12 weeks January 16, 2017
LNGC 5302 Beowulf in Old English 12 weeks August 29, 2016
LNGA 5302 Language Invention Through Tolkien 12 Weeks January 13, 2016
LITD 5304 Beowulf Through Tolkien 12 Weeks January 12, 2015
LNGA 5301 Philology Through Tolkien 12 Weeks August 27, 2013