Gabriel Schenk

Gabriel Schenk

Gabriel Schenk

Lecturer; Preceptor

Gabriel Schenk teaches for Signum University and Signum Path. He holds a D.Phil. in Arthurian Literature from the University of Oxford.

Gabriel teaches literature at Signum University, specializing in cultural histories, Arthuriana, and the works of the Inklings. He also teaches at Signum Path.

Gabriel completed his D.Phil. at Pembroke College, Oxford, in 2014. His thesis analyses depictions of King Arthur, focusing on a period spanning the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries when the figure of Arthur became increasingly protean and multifaceted.

He has taught in Uganda, Poland, Turkey, and across the UK. Outside academia, he has worked in the publishing industry and charity sector.

He is one of the founders and organizers of the Pembroke Tolkien Lecture on Fantasy Literature, and works for the Owen Barfield and the P.H. Newby literary estates.

More information can be found on his website,

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