Student Accommodations Procedure

Process for Requesting Accommodations

The process for requesting or updating accommodations is as follows:

  • At least two weeks before the desired accommodation is required, the student provides a written request to their advisor stating their disability and its specific limitations, providing documentation, and listing all requested modifications.
  • After reviewing the request for completion and clarity, and following up on any clearly missing documentation if needed, the advisor forwards the student’s request to Accommodations Coordinator briefly overviewing the student’s concerns and requested support.
  • The Accommodations Coordinator reviews the request and supporting material and clarifies any limitations with the relevant Department Chair and Deputy Chair. The Accommodations Coordinator may also at this stage request additional information or documentation, or schedule a meeting with the student to discuss compromises. 
  • The Accommodations Coordinator evaluates the request and provides a list of approved accommodations to the student and advisor. The Coordinator adds this list to the student’s file. 
  • The Accommodations Coordinator is responsible for informing the relevant faculty of the relevant accommodations in the semester of enrollment. The student is encouraged to discuss their accommodations privately with the faculty member to arrange particulars within the class.
  • Accommodations begin on the day on which the Accommodations Coordinator notifies the student, advisor, and any current faculty of the approved accommodations. Students who will need accommodations should submit requests and any necessary documentation to their advisor at least two weeks before the start of term.
  • Accommodation requests submitted after the start of term will be evaluated within two weeks of receipt of the request and all requested documentation, but accommodations will not be offered retroactively for work or activities completed prior to the receipt of accommodations. Students whose previous experience or performance has been negatively impacted by an impairment or disability, and who were not in a position to have applied in advance for an accommodation, are encouraged to speak with their advisor about other university policies that may benefit them.
  • Once approved, existing accommodations will be sent to future instructors, and re-evaluated as academic need or course restrictions require. Students whose needs change during their studies may initiate a review by requesting one in writing from their advisor. During a review, additional documentation or evidence may be requested at the discretion of the Accommodations Coordinator. 

Students cannot receive accommodations that would allow them to bypass one or more program outcomes, are not in keeping with our mission, or would interfere with the learning of other students (e.g. not attending live sessions, not interacting with classmates, or not participating in classroom activities). If a student is not sure, ahead of enrollment, whether their desired accommodations would fall into one of these categories, they are encouraged to contact the Doorward before applying, and may be directed to the Accommodations Coordinator for clarification as needed.

This procedure effective 1 December, 2023.