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More than College Prep: A Preview of the College Learning Experience

How better to prepare for college than to learn by engaging in real-time discussion with a college professor?

Signum Academy courses are conducted entirely online, but they are not static experiences.  We use the internet as a means to connect students with professors, allowing students to watch and listen to the professor through a live video and audio feed.  Students and parents alike will have the ability to ask questions of the professor in real time as the class proceeds, and one session every week will be dedicated entirely to responding to the questions and contributions of our students.

Live Preview SessionLiterature and Composition Program

Our curriculum is dedicated to bringing unparalleled college preparation in literature and writing to home educated high-school students.  At last! A completely new resource for homeschool families looking for a great alternative to traditional literature and composition curricula.

Great Lectures

Our courses feature live, interactive lectures with college professors.  Our classes are designed not only to familiarize students with great works of literature, but to help them develop critical reading and thinking skills.  Our classes will help parents and students alike enjoy an in-depth exploration of literature, guided by an expert teacher.

Individual Tutorials on Writing

Our students write a lot of papers: eight essays over the course of the academic year.  Each student is assigned to a writing tutor who works with that student all year long, grading the papers and providing written feedback on each one.  In addition, our writing tutors sit down for a one-on-one conference (conducted either over Skype or by phone) with each student after every paper.  Every Signum Academy student therefore receives a personalized, year-long composition course with a dedicated writing teacher.

Additional Support and Guidance for Further Home Instruction

At the Signum Academy, we understand that our lectures and tutorials are only a part of our students’ learning experience. In addition to our formal instruction, therefore, we also supply materials designed to supporting the teaching that happens outside of our meeting times.  We provide written materials supplying suggested discussion topics, study questions, and alternative essay topics on the books we assign in class, as well as recommendations for further reading.  We also offer email support for parents and students alike.

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