Richard Rohlin

Richard W. Rohlin is an Orthodox Christian, author, podcaster, medievalist and data analyst living in Grand Prairie. A husband and father, he is the co-host of The Amon Sul Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, regularly contributes to Jonathan Pageau’s The Symbolic World YouTube channel, and has published several works of fiction and non-fiction, and currently has a number of projects under development, including a new podcast Rood Screen: The Story of Early English Christianity, and a collection of essays called Finding the Golden Key: Essays Toward a Recovery of the Sacramental Imagination. Although he is most well-known for his lectures and podcasts on the Inklings and medieval universal history, Richard has been both reading and writing superhero stories nearly his entire life. His superhero pulp novel Guardians: The Eye of Horus is currently under development as a graphic novel. Richard is also a life-long tabletop gamer and is currently developing two Tabletop RPG’s for publication, and contributes to the RPG Podcasts The Grand Campaign and When Last We Left Our Heroes. He was graduated from Signum University with an MA in Language and Literature.

Richard is a man around thirty years of age of European descent. He is sporting a trim bears, a cozy plaid flannel shirt, and a warm smile which tempts unsuspecting gamers into fictional moral and physical dilemmas of unusual size.