Isaac S. Schendel


Isaac S. Schendel is a Signum Academy Preceptor for Old English Translation Club and for German Conversation Club.  He is also a preceptor for Old English, Middle High German, Old Saxon, and Conversational German at Signum University’s SPACE Program.

Dr. Isaac received his PhD in Germanic Studies from the University of Minnesota in 2018.

His upcoming book, Pennsylvania Dutch Storytelling Traditions, is complete and scheduled to be published with the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2025.

His scholarly publications include:

  1. “The Adaption and Manipulation of Hagiographic Structure in Ulenspiegel.”  Daphnis 43.2 (2015)
  1. “The Name and Character of Till Ulenspiegel.”  Studies and New Texts of the Nibelungenlied, Walther, Neidhart, Oswald, and Other Works in Medieval German Literature: In Memory of Ulrich Müller II.  Ed. Sibylle Jefferis.  Göppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik 780 (2015)
  1. “Manuscript Comparison and the Characterization of the Giant Ecke in the Middle High German / Early Modern High German Das Eckenlied.” Euphorion 108.3 (2014)

He has written the following prose in Pennsylvania German: “Die Schproochfaktry.” Hiwwe wie Driwwe 27.1 (Summer-Schpootyaahr 2023)

Isaac lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife Rachel and two daughters.

Isaac Schendel is a man of european ancestory who is dressed in jacket and tie. He's giving us a wide, caring smile which crinkles up the corners of his warm eyes.