Club Pricing

Signum Academy Club Pricing

Signum Academy offers clubs on a subscription basis. We aim to keep costs low by using Signum University’s existing digital campus infrastructure. Most of our fee goes directly to club leaders, who are qualified professionals with experience teaching the subjects they lead.

A Signum Academy subscription includes two 45-minute or one 90-minute club sessions per week. In addition, all of our clubs include self-study exercises that help students learn and practice skills throughout the week.

Subscription Options

A Signum Academy club subscription includes membership in one of our bookwritingworld language, or historical language clubs. Discounts are available for multiple members in the same family, as well as for individuals who want to subscribe to more than one club, according to the table below.


1 subscription

2 subscriptions

3 subscriptions

4 subscriptions


$90 / month

$160 / month

$210 / month

$240 / month

$ Per Hour*

~$10 / hour

~$8.90 / hour

~$7.80 / hour

~$6.70 / hour

*Per-hour price is based on an average of 9 sessions per month, per child.

Discounts & Group Rates

Groups of individuals that wish to form their own group and subscribe together can receive a group subscription discount. Email [email protected] or use our contact form to request pricing information and other details.

School Subscriptions

If a school, homeschool co-op, or other large group would like to make Signum Academy Clubs available to its members at a reduced cost to the members, they can subscribe. Schools will pay a subscription fee and then receive a discount code to provide to their members. Rates available for individual classes, schools, school districts, and other educational organizations of any size. Email [email protected] or use our contact form to request pricing information and other details.

Military Discount

Military families interested in a Signum Academy subscription are automatically eligible for a military discount. A single subscription at the discounted rate for military families is $80/month. If you are military family wishing to make use of our military discount for one or more family members, please email us at [email protected] or use our contact form to request pricing information and other details.

Subscription Changes

Changes to your Signum Academy subscription(s) – including adding, transferring, or canceling a subscription – may be made at any time. Please read the information below for details about the type of change you may wish to make.

Additional Subscriptions

Adding to your existing subscription(s) may be done at any time. Additions can include:

  • Adding a student to another Signum Academy club
  • Adding another household member to a new Signum Academy club

Additional subscriptions will take effect in the next month at the earliest. Some additional subscriptions may take longer, depending on group availability.


Students may transfer from one club to another, or to another group within a club (such as to study another language in Translation Club or Conversation Club) at any time.

Generally, transfers will take effect in the next calendar month. However, some transfers may take longer, depending on group availability.


Signum Academy subscriptions may be canceled at any time. There is no cancellation fee.

No refunds will be provided. Students may continue to participate in their club groups through the end of the month in which the cancellation is made.

How to Change a Subscription

To make a change to your subscription, email [email protected] and provide details about the type of change you’d like to make. Please include all relevant information, including:

  • Student name(s)
  • Which club(s) they are in
  • The type of change being requested
  • The new club(s) they want to join (for additions or transfers)

Sponsor Signum Academy Students

Signum Academy seeks to offer educational club opportunities to children of all ages and circumstances. You can help us achieve our mission by sponsoring children from low-income so they can attend at a reduced price.

Corporate Sponsorships

Companies and organizations looking to make a positive impact can sponsor Signum Academy clubs for kids and teens in their area through an easy monthly subscription. Signum will offer discounted subscription rates to young people in the geographical area you specify, and your company will receive an acknowledgement as a partner in Signum Academy promotional messaging.

Individual Sponsorships

Individuals can also set up sponsorships to help kids and teens from low-income families receive equal access to Signum Academy clubs. Monthly sponsorships can be set up for any amount – every bit helps to provide young people participate in a fun, educational club. Individual sponsorships are also eligible for the Donor Appreciation Program.

Want to set up an individual or corporate sponsorship? Email us at [email protected].