Conversation Club

Signum Academy Conversation Club

Signum Academy Conversation Club helps young people learn and practice language conversation skills in a variety of foreign languages. Group sessions use immersive language-learning techniques to help students achieve understanding and fluency quickly.

Why Conversation Club?

We believe that practicing conversation is the most enjoyable, most authentic, and most rewarding way for learners of all ages and levels to learn a new language. Our purpose in the Conversation Club is:

  1. To connect language learners with others in their age range, providing them with practical phrases they can use in real-life situations.
  2. To help learners gain confidence in their ability to use what they know to understand and communicate with others—and show them how to use a variety of free resources to find out what they want to learn.
  3. To bring out the relationships between language and culture, including music, art, movies, literature, and history

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Conversation Club Details for Parents

Signum Academy Conversation Club is created to help young people learn new languages and practice language skills. All Conversation Club sessions are fully remote, providing a safe and flexible learning environment.

How Conversation Club Works

  • Each club group will have no more than 7 members.
  • The leader will speak primarily in the club language. (Younger groups may have some English instruction. Older groups will be fully immersive.)
  • Club members will participate in comprehension and speaking exercises in a weekly, interactive live meet.
  • The leader may assign videos to watch or texts to read for additional practice throughout the week.
  • Groups will meet for two 45-minute or one 90-minute sessions each week using Signum’s digital campus software (primarily Zoom).

Note: A group consists of students from one of three grade ranges: 3rd – 5th grade, 6th – 8th grade, and 9th – 12th grade.

What Kids and Teens Will Learn in Conversation Club

  • Conversational skills in a foreign language
  • Reading skills in a foreign language
  • Language learning skills for use with learning other languages
  • Cooperative discussion skills

Conversation Club Languages

Currently, Conversation Club groups are available for the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • English for non-native speakers

Additional languages will be added over time. If you or your child are interested in learning a language not listed above, please let us know.


Conversation Club costs $90/month (about $10/hour). Discounts available for multiple subscriptions. Learn more about Signum Academy club pricing here.

Conversation Club and Learn Everywhere
(New Hampshire only)

Signum Academy Conversation Club is approved to participate in the New Hampshire Department of Education’s Learn Everywhere program. This means that New Hampshire high school students can earn certificates in Conversation Club that can be submitted for language credits toward graduation.

This page provides information about class equivalencies and assessments as they relate to Conversation Club. For general information and FAQs about Signum Academy’s participation Learn Everywhere, visit our Learn Everywhere page.

Expected Outcomes for Conversation Club Students

Students who wish to receive a certificate toward Learn Everywhere credit will be assessed regularly based on their participation during weekly sessions. Every month, preceptors will prepare a progress report showing their advancement toward achieving four competencies in the following areas:

  • Aural Comprehension in understanding and interpreting foreign language speech
  • Conversational Speech fluidity and fluency
  • Reading Comprehension in foreign-language texts
  • Speaking and Listening in the foreign language to participate in collaborative discussion

Student mastery of these competencies will be rated on a scale of 1-4 at both Beginning and Advanced levels. Students who achieve a 3 are understood to have attained mastery.

For a complete breakdown of how Conversation Club progress is measured, please email [email protected] or use our contact form.

High School Credit Equivalents for Conversation Club Topics

Each Conversation Club group will focus one or more topics of interest to students who join the group. Students who wish to receive credit for a particular language can join the equivalent Conversation Club group studying that language.

The table below provides an overview of how Conversation Club topics equate to New Hampshire high school language classes. Note that [Language] can be replaced with the name of any language for which we offer a Conversation Club.

Conversation Club TopicLevelHigh School Class Equivalent (1/2 Credit)
[Language] ImmersionBeginning I[Language] Immersion 1, Semester 1
[Language] ImmersionAdvanced I[Language] Immersion 1, Semester 2
[Language] ImmersionBeginning II[Language] Immersion 2, Semester 1
[Language] ImmersionAdvanced II[Language] Immersion 2, Semester 2

Conversation Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my child change to a different language after signing up?

We encourage members to pursue a single language in order to attain conversational fluency. However, members may switch to a different language club with parental permission if they really wish to. Depending on the timing and seat availability, such a switch may need to wait until a new group for that language is ready to start.

Can my child participate in both Conversation Club and Translation Club?

Absolutely! See our pricing information page for information about joining multiple clubs.