Introducing Signum Path

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Today, Signum University is pleased to announce the opening of registration for Signum Path, a brand new program designed to help people get the foundational skills training they need for any and every job.

The Purpose of Signum Path

Signum Path was built on the premise that there are certain types of skills all employers look for in their employees – communication skills, critical analysis skills, emotional intelligence, among others. However, the business world tends to talk about these types of skills as “soft” skills, implying that they are less important, or at least are given less emphasis, than job-specific or “hard” skills. This dichotomy is what the Signum Path program aims to remedy.

Through the Signum Path program, people will be able to sign up for classes and earn badges toward building the skill set they need to succeed in their current roles and fulfill their career goals. Companies who sign up for Signum Path can customize their program to address the skills that are most in need of proficiency by their teams.

Signum is able to deliver these new career skill courses using the same digital classroom process and technology we’ve developed for Signum Grad School. Using our existing infrastructure allows us to deliver these classes at a very affordable rate for both individuals and corporate teams.

Registration Open Now

As of today, Signum Path registration is open for classes starting in June. Individuals who are interested in taking any of our Signum Path classes can register here.

Our first slate of classes will include one course from each of the four inaugural badges: 

  • Writing for Results: Nuts & Bolts
  • Person to Person: Emotional Intelligence
  • Making Verbal Connections: Two-Way Communication
  • Strengthening Your Core: Marketing Yourself

Additional classes will be offered monthly in July, August, and beyond. People can enroll in those classes now, as well.

See the full badge and course list here.

Sign up for Signum Path classes

How You Can Help Spread the Word

Signum Path is an exciting new program that will provide new benefits to many new students and will open new opportunities for the additional growth of Signum University in the future. As such, we are looking to spread word about the new program as far and wide as possible – both inside and beyond the Signum community.

Here are some things you can do to help.

Follow and Share on Social Media

We have two new official Signum Path social media outlets:

If you are on either (or both of these) platforms, please follow our pages and share posts so that others in your network will see them.

(P.S. You can also share this post!)

Talk to Training Leaders

Signum Path has a lot to offer companies both big and small. We want to get the word to people who make training decisions at companies about how Signum Path can help them train their people in the skills they need.

Simply sharing the Signum Path website with training decision-makers in your company is helpful. If you would like to set up an introduction between your training company’s training leader and the Signum Path Corporate Liaison Elise Cedeño, please send an email to [email protected].

Help Us Connect with Bloggers, Journalists, and Podcasters

We’d love to talk with bloggers, podcasters, and journalists in the education and corporate training spaces – or any related areas – about Signum Path. If you know of anyone who writes about these topics, please let us know with an email to [email protected].

Learn More in the State of the University Address

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, at 8pm ET, Dr. Corey Olsen will discuss how Signum Path fits into the larger growth of Signum University. Please join us live to learn more and ask questions. A recording will be posted to the Signum University YouTube Channel for those who cannot attend live.

Learn more about the State of the University Address here.