Teach graduate students in an exciting new, online learning environment.

Signum University’s Department of Language & Literature is currently seeking Lecturers to design and deliver courses at an innovative, global, online, educational institution.

We are particularly looking for candidates with expertise in the following areas:

  • Latin Language & Literature

Lecturing at Signum University

Signum University uses a Lecturer/Preceptor system of instruction. Lecturers determine the main content of a course. They are responsible for designing and delivering the bulk of the lectures for the course. Lecturers will also develop sections of the syllabus, including the lecture schedule and primary reading assignments. They will work with course Preceptor(s), who will design and assess assignments and meet with students in weekly small group discussion sessions. During live lectures, our online platform allows Lecturers to ask the students questions and to respond to their questions and comments in real time. This enables students to make a tangible contribution to the classroom experience, resulting in the lively and stimulating discussions that are so essential to scholarly growth. Lectures are recorded for future re-use.

Lecturers are part-time faculty who are hired on a term-by-term basis to deliver lectures for one course. Signum courses are taught fully online in both synchronous and asynchronous modes by a faculty team. A typical week might consist of two 90-minute lectures delivered by the Course Lecturer and a 60-minute discussion session led by the Course Preceptor(s). The Signum term is typically 12 weeks long. The stipend for a Lecturer is $5,000 for a standard 12-week course; the Lecturer will be paid royalties for any future re-use of recorded lectures. Language classes rely more heavily on longer small-group discussion or translation sessions; exact schedules and contracts will be determined accordingly.

Lecturer Responsibilities

A Lecturer’s main responsibilities include:

  • Writing the course description and Student Learning Objectives
  • Communicating with the Academic Coordinator about website content
  • Creating the reading schedule for the term
  • Customizing the course syllabus to reflect course-specific policies
  • Working with the other members of the faculty team and the department administrators to set up the Google Classroom shell.
  • Preparing and delivering 24 live, 90-minute lectures per term (or another similar schedule as determined by an individual contract, especially for language courses)

A Lecturer’s secondary responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with the course Preceptor(s) to plan discussion prompts, assign work, and perhaps contribute to the evaluation of assessments
  • Recording the lectures and working with the Digital Media team to ensure quality of the recordings
  • Providing feedback and clarification for students via Google Classroom, email, etc.

General Qualifications

The successful candidate will have:

  • A PhD in the relevant field
  • Experience teaching a diverse population of students at the college level (graduate teaching preferred)
  • A high level of comfort and ability working with technology or a demonstrable willingness and aptitude to learn the technologies used for Signum’s digital campus (online teaching experience preferred).
  • Significant academic credentials, such as conference presentations, scholarly publishing, departmental service, etc.

Passionate, compassionate, knowledgeable, visionary (and fun) scholars are the ideal candidates for lecturing at Signum!

Specific Qualifications

Latin Language & Literature Candidates

The Language & Literature Department wishes to expand its course offerings to include a cycle of courses in the literature of Ancient Rome that influenced the Middle Ages (in English translation), courses in reading the language itself, and a Virgil translation seminar. This cycle is scheduled to begin in Fall 2019. In addition to the general lecturing requirements, a candidate in Latin should possess:

  • An extensive knowledge of the Classical Latin language
  • Experience designing and teaching graduate courses in Latin, preferably at the graduate level
  • Familiarity with standard works of Classical Latin literature, with a particular emphasis on texts that influenced the Medieval era (and later Medievalists, including the Inklings)
  • Experience teaching the Latin language and literature, preferably in small-group settings
  • Ability to guide students in producing their own translations from Virgil

How to Apply

Send your C.V. and a letter of interest to the Department Chair, Sørina Higgins, [email protected]. In your letter, please address which discipline you are applying for and please describe your level of comfort and experience with online teaching. Links to video samples of your teaching style are optional but recommended.

Signum University is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.