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Through the generosity of our supporters, Signum University distributes high-quality educational content – including literature seminars, interviews, and discussions – through a number of online channels, so that you can access it in the way you want. Just choose the image for the channel you prefer to explore what we have to offer. (Note: Not all content is shared on every channel.)

Our YouTube channel contains material from our Signum Symposia chats, fundraising events, Mythgard Academy seminars, Mythgard on LOTRO, and other activities.

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Through iTunes U, Signum University offers collections of educational material, including Signum Symposia chats and free literary seminars through Mythgard Academy.

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Signum University sponsors several podcasts that offer audio discussions on a variety of topics. Simply add the feed link to your favorite podcast software, and download the episodes you want to hear.

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