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Robin Anne Reid


Robin Anne Reid, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Literature and Languages at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Her teaching areas are creative writing, critical theory and marginalized literatures. She teaches graduate and undergraduate creative writing courses in fiction, undergraduate courses in technical writing, women writers and popular culture, and graduate courses in stylistics, gender theory and […]

Sandra Hall

Library Team Lead

As the Library Team Lead, Sandra coordinates the development of Signum’s library so that it can support all students and faculty in their studies, regardless of geographical location. She is passionate about the teaching of information skills and answering questions. She also maintains the library pages on the university’s digital campus.

Sara Brown

Board Member: Elected Faculty Member; Preceptor

Sara is a Preceptor within the Language and Literature faculty. She is also Elected Faculty Member on the Board.

Sarah Powell

Board Member: Elected Staff Member; Digital Media Co-ordinator

Sarah spends her evenings working towards her MA at Signum University, as well as fulfilling the roles of Board Member (Working Team Member) Digital Media Co-ordinator for Signum/Mythgard. As co-ordinator, she ensures that all video media is created, edited, and published efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

Sharon Hoff

Doorward; Student Support

Sharon is the Doorward for Signum and our Student Support guru. If you need an answer or want to make sure something gets done, she's the one to contact.

Sørina Higgins

Chair of the Department of Language & Literature

Sørina Higgins is Chair of the Literature & Language Department at Signum University. She also serves as Thesis Coordinator and Host of the Signum Symposia.

Tom Shippey


At Signum University I offer courses which combine my two main career interests, namely, Old English studies (along with related languages and literatures), and the work of Professor Tolkien.

Trish Lambert

Trish came to Signum initially as a Masters program participant in the Mythgard Institute. After joining Signum president Corey Olsen as co-host of one of his Tolkien Professor podcasts, it was a short step to taking on outreach initiatives for the university. She worked with Corey to launch Mythmoot, Signum’s annual (now biannual) conference, and also directed to first outreach division in the university.

Verlyn Flieger


Verlyn Flieger, Ph. D. is Professor Emerita in the Department of English at the University of Maryland at College Park specializing in myth studies and comparative mythology. She teaches a sequence of graduate and undergraduate myth courses that offer Celtic, Arthurian, Hindu, Native American, and Norse myth. Concentrating on modern fantasy with a special focus on the works […]

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