Curtis A. Weyant

Curtis A. Weyant

Curtis A. Weyant

Dean of Outreach; Strategy Council; Website System; Social Media System; Mythgard Movie Club Host

Curtis A. Weyant is a digital marketing specialist and who leads the Website Team at Signum University and oversees the University's Twitter accounts.

Being a digital content specialist by trade and a student of speculative literature by choice, Curtis A. Weyant received his MA in Language & Literature from Signum University in 2017. As the Dean of Outreach, he oversees the various efforts to promote Signum and its programs across our various channels. He also oversees the Signum Website content and design, manages the University’s social media accounts, and is co-host with Katherine Sas of the Mythgard Movie Club.

Curtis is a member of the Whedon Studies Association, and his paper “Exploring Cabins in Whedonverse Woods” has appeared in the association’s peer-reviewed journal Slayage. His essay “‘I’ve Never Met Anyone I Didn’t Disappoint’: In Your Eyes’ Flaws and Fortes” is included in the revised and updated edition of Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion (April 2015). Curtis co-hosts the weekly podcast Kat & Curt’s TV Re-View on Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngel and Doctor Who, and he makes mostly harmless literary musings at His writings have been featured at PopMattersMcSweeney’s Internet Tendency and The Binnacle. He was editor of the Roberts Wesleyan College Journal for the Arts his senior year as an undergrad.

Curtis’s favorite topics of study include Joss Whedon, Robert Heinlein, and Benjamin De Casseres.

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Mythgard Movie Club: Pan’s Labyrinth 2 Hours October 10, 2019
Mythgard Movie Club: Watership Down (miniseries) 2 Hours September 5, 2019
Mythmoot VI: Dragons 3 Days June 27, 2019
Mythgard Movie Club: Captive State 2 Hours April 18, 2019
Mythgard Movie Club: Blade Runner 2049 2 Hours March 14, 2019
MMC002-01 Mythgard Movie Club: Blade Runner 2 Hours January 31, 2019
MMC001-10 Mythgard Movie Club: Night of the Living Dead 2 Hours November 15, 2018
MMC001-09 Mythgard Movie Club: She 2 Hours October 11, 2018
MMC001-08 Mythgard Movie Club: Predestination 2 Hours September 6, 2018
MMC001-07 Mythgard Movie Club: Edward Scissorhands 2 Hours August 2, 2018
MMC001-06 Mythgard Movie Club – Solo: A Star Wars Story 2 Hours June 14, 2018
MMC001-05 Mythgard Movie Club: Alien 2 Hours May 3, 2018
MMC001-04 Mythgard Movie Club: A Wrinkle in Time 2 Hours March 29, 2018
MMC001-03 Mythgard Movie Club: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 5 Weeks February 22, 2018
MMC001-02 Mythgard Movie Club: The Last Jedi 2 Hours January 10, 2018
MMC001-01 Mythgard Movie Club: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 1 Hours December 4, 2017
One Fantastic Rogue Beast – An Impromptu Star Wars/Harry Potter Chat 2 Hours January 6, 2017