Creative Writing Workshop

Have you ever dreamed of being an author? Ever wondered what it takes to write a great story? Writer and teacher Ben Wilkins (MFA, George Mason University) will be leading a 5-week craft seminar, where students will learn and practice techniques to help them hone their writing craft.  This course can be taken as a follow-up to last […]

The Force of Star Wars: Examining the Epic

This course explores the creation of the Star Wars canon, its history as a cultural phenomenon and its staying power as a story. Students will examine its genre inspirations, historical parallels, political implications, mythological echoes, and evolving multimedia forms to unpack the traditions and ideas that inspired the story – and continue to inspire it.

Tolkien’s Poetry

How did Tolkien’s poetry change over time? How did Tolkien’s views of fairies change (or not) over time? From his undergraduate days through the final phase of his literary career, Tolkien was a prolific poet. No matter what he was doing or how overwhelmed with other work he was, he continued to produce poems. Indeed, […]

Chaucer I: Visions of Love

What besides The Canterbury Tales did Chaucer write? How Chaucer he engage with earlier medieval authors? This class is the first semester in a two-part survey of Chaucer’s major works.  In this first semester, we will study the works with which Chaucer established his reputation in his time: his early dream vision poems and his greatest […]

Celtic Myth in Children’s Literature

What does the term Celtic mean? How does the Arthur tradition relate to Celtic mythology? How has Celtic mythology been used in modern children’s literature? The medieval literature of Ireland and Wales is thought to have saved for posterity the vestiges of what would have been ancient ‘Celtic’ mythology. Tales of heroes, otherworld voyages, transformation […]

Elementary Latin I

Elementary Latin I is an intensive course designed to introduce you to the basic elements of the Latin language.

Introduction to Anglo-Saxon

Old English (Anglo-Saxon) is the earliest recorded stage of English, spoken in Britain during the early Middle Ages. A wealth of literature and poetry is written in the language, including justly famous works such as The Battle of Maldon, The Wanderer, and above all Beowulf. Old English is also the starting point for the study of the history […]

Lewis & Tolkien

C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien are two of the most widely read fantasy and science fiction authors in the modern era; however, their works are rarely studied together. Students will examine the friendship and work of Lewis and Tolkien in this course and their influence upon each other.

The Potter Saga

In this course, students will discuss the ancestors to the Harry Potter phenomenon, while examining the works and traditions that inform the Harry Potter universe.

Introduction to Old Norse

The first half of this course provides a focus on Old Icelandic grammar, and the second half allows students to begin reading from a selection of Old Icelandic prose and poetic texts.

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