Course Tools

Lectures & Discussion Sessions

Signum University lectures and discussion sessions are delivered using GoToWebinar platform.  This tool uses the free GoToMeeting application and allows for users to connect to audio/video presentations using only a computer or mobile device.  GoToWebinar supports 100 users and is ideal for the primary lecture  It also offers the ability to communicate by phone and pose questions via text chat.

Office Hours

Faculty office hours will be delivered using GoToMeeting or Skype, which provide a less formal, smaller-scale version of the interfaces used for lectures and discussion sessions.

Get Started

  • use the Meeting or Webinar invite link in Moodle to access your session each week
    • the first time you connect from your computer, the software will install
  • (optional) download GoToMeeting for your iPad, iPod/iPhone or Android device
  • download Skype for your Mac or PC
  • (optional) download Skype for your mobile device

Moodle AppClass Materials

Signum University will deliver – and organize – class materials using the Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle.  The Moodle course interface will be used for the syllabus, readings and study materials, lecture and discussion session invitations, discussion boards and online office hours.

Get Started