The French Program

The French Program

College Prep French at the Signum Language Centre is a 6-course program that prepares the student for acquiring the Intermediate Level (B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which is widely recognized as the level that guarantees the independence of the student when confronted with native speakers in an immersion context. It is also generally recognized as the level that grants access to university courses, both nationally and abroad.

The 6 courses are called French A1.1, French A1.2, French A2.1, French A2.2, French B1.1 and French B1.2. Each of the 2 pair of courses stands for Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate. Each stage – for example, French A1.1 and French A1.2 – can be completed during a school year, although other arrangements can be made.

The students are expected at the end of the program to know and use in context all the grammar points in French:  French verbs will be thoroughly presented, as well as the noun and adjective system.  All students will be able to engage in fluent conversation with a native speaker on a variety of topics and in many contexts. A student will be able to write a composition in a topic of his or her choosing and also to read real French texts on any topic and get a complete, general understanding of them.


Student-centered French Courses

Dr. Justine Legrand

Meet Dr. Justine Legrand

At the Signum Language Centre, language courses are designed by taking into account the student’s needs. Flexibility in time and place, a chance to practice French and feedback given by native-speaker instructors are some of the characteristic advantages of the French program. Each course is designed to provide the best learning environment for each individual student.

A French Course When and Where You Want

At Signum University we are aware that students’ learning needs are becoming more particular and more varied. Time and place have become an important factor when deciding to engage in any kind of learning. Our online platform allows students to profit from the distinct advantages that technology brings to the study of languages and, at the same time, it delivers a learning environment that transforms the traditional language classroom but keeps its benefits. Thus, an ideal language course is brought to directly to the student, wherever they are – and at the time that is most convenient for them.

8 Students per Class, Speaking French

Constant practice is the key to becoming fluent in French. The French program at Signum University makes every effort to provide an immersive environment in which the student is consistently challenged in the target language. In order to ensure that every student gets the chance to practice in French, the preceptor sessions are limited to just eight students. This reduced number of students per class guarantees that each student has the opportunity to succeed in acquiring French.

A Native Speaker Right on Your Desktop (or Tablet, or Phone)

The program offers also the possibility of having access to native-speaker lecturers and preceptors, each of whom will conduct their teaching in French (subtitles in English or French are provided at the lecturer’s discretion). Lecturers and preceptors will also teach the language alongside its – and their – culture and society.

A Community of Students and Teachers

One of the particularly surprising qualities of online learning is that students get to create very strong ties between them, growing a community of students that learn together. This important quality of our online program boosts students’ motivation and generates a healthy environment that encourages learning and desire to improve oneself naturally.


The Courses

French A1.1