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The Signum Language Centre College Prep Programs give high-school students the opportunity to study world languages with native speakers and college professors.  


About Our Courses
SLC courses follow the Common European Framework Reference for languages. This ensures that the work our students do will translate more easily to the college language placement process.  We start with two beginning-level courses, A1 and A2, and then proceed to two intermediate-level courses, called B1 and B2.  Each of these courses is the equivalent of a full year of secondary-school instruction and is intended for completion in a total of 36 weeks.

Students enroll for one semester at a time. For example, after completing French A1.1 (the first semester of French A1, Introductory French), a student would sign up for French A1.2, which would complete the full French introductory course.  As with most high-school classes, a full year of our classes (Spanish or French A1, for instance) will translate to one semester of college language study.


Anatomy of an SLC Course
There are two components to each SLC course:

  1. The centerpiece of each course is a series of recorded video lectures designed to introduce students to new topics and concepts in the language under study.  These are broken into many separate sessions, each of which is accompanied by assigned reading and homework exercises.  The videos can be uploaded and watched on almost any device, and can be reviewed as often as necessary.
  2. Each class (a small group of six to 10 students) has live teaching sessions twice every week for an hour.  In these sessions, students review their lessons, discuss their work, and ask any questions about the material. These live sessions take place through an audio-video interface.


College Prep Programs

Signum Language Centre College Prep is available in two programs:

For SchoolsFor Homeschoolers