Signum Language Centre

Do you need to learn a language?

Would you like to try a flexible, interactive, and supportive environment?  (You are not alone.)

Whether you are an independent learner seeking excellent online resources, a student in search of a classroom that will fit your schedule and your budget, or a school group in need of an experienced specialist in your language of choice, the Signum Language Centre is your new home for lanauge instruction.

Our courses feature a series of engaging videos from experienced teachers, native speakers, and college professors which will guide you through your journey into language acquisition.  You can watch and listen to these sessions on any device, at your own pace and as many times as you need to master the material.

But the real work of language learning is not in passive listening to lectures, but in your own engagement with the language as you do regular reading and translation exercises and begin working to write, speak, and think in your new language.  For this reason, the Signum Language Centre provides regular, live, online small-group sessions in which you can talk with your teacher, go over your work, and ask questions, as well as connecting with others who are going through the same process you are.

The Signum Language Centre goes beyond providing static resources for individual learning.  We invite you, rather, to join a dynamic classroom that ignores geography, connecting students and teachers in a learning environment that spans the globe.


Welcome to the Signum Language Centre

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