Personal Writing Tutorials


Writing TutorialsUnfortunately, there is no secret path to good writing, no simple formula that a student can memorize and apply to every occasion.  Learning and teaching good writing is difficult precisely because there are so many variables in play; different subjects, different audiences, different assignments, and different occasions all demand different approaches and present different challenges.

At the Signum Academy, we believe that young writers don’t need a program; they need a mentor, a trained teacher who will help them to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.  They need to develop the kind of flexible, critical thinking that comes not from a system, but from the example and encouragement of a tutor who will work alongside them consistently over time.

This philosophy of individual attention and mentorship is at the heart of the Signum Academy Composition Program.

Writing Tutorials

At the beginning of the school year, all of our students will have a live introductory seminar on writing basics with Professor Olsen, the founder and president of Signum University.  This seminar is designed to dispel some misunderstandings about writing and to provide some basic guidelines for everyone to start with.

Then every student will be assigned to a writing tutor who will work with that student for the whole academic year.  Signum students will write eight short papers over the course of the academic year, about one paper every four weeks, and they will submit them electronically to the tutors through our online system.  The tutor will grade the paper and give initial written feedback to the student.  Then the tutor and student will meet online for a 20-30 minute audio conference to discuss the paper and talk about the student’s writing.

Signum Academy students will work with their own composition teacher who will be invested in them and their writing all year long.