Classroom Experience

How would you like to take part in a live classroom experience with a real college literature professor?

Through our dynamic online interface at the Signum Academy, we are extending the classroom into your home.

Our Literature Class Sessions

Classroom ExperienceEvery week, our students will take part in two live one-hour class sessions. In the first half of the week, students will attend a one-hour lecture given by our PhD-holding instructors. The professor will broadcast a live video and audio feed of the lecture, taking questions in real time from students during the class by means of a text interface. Further questions and comments from the students and parents will be collected over the next few days, and in the second hour-long session later in the week, the professor will dedicate the class entirely to addressing the questions and remarks students have raised during the week.

Our classes are 32 weeks long, split into two 16-week semesters. Our students, therefore, get 64 hours of real-time contact with a college literature professor over the course of the year.

On-Demand Recordings

All students enrolled in our live classes will also receive complementary recordings of all 64 class sessions. Video and audio recordings of each session will be available for download soon after the completion of each session. Although we encourage families to attend our classes live, of course, you need never worry that you’ll miss out if something prevents you from coming to class in any given week!  The downloaded recordings of the class sessions are yours to keep, so you can review any part of the class later on, if you need to.

Supplemental Instructional Materials

We strongly encourage parents to continue the discussion on the works we assign and go over in class. In order to support you in this endeavor, we also provide a course booklet containing study questions, additional essay topics, and suggestions for further reading.