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01.14.2013 – Looking forward to first Signum University Tolkien’s World of Middle Earth class tonight taught by Dr Verlyn Flieger (the Vala of Tolkien Studies) – until then I think I will…do more Tolkien research – back to the lexicons to 12:30am!

11.20.2012 – Wish I could stay up all night to revise my stories for @SignumU writers’ workshop. That’d be a bad career move for the day job.

08.13.2012 – [T]he Arthur class was brilliant!

07.21.2012 – I can highly recommend this class on King Arthur Go Inside – The Arthur Story, Lecture 8 (via@SignumU). Great fun.

06.18.2012 – Taking [both]. Latin I for credit…Latin is fun but time consuming. Mainly pointing out how woeful my English knowledge is.

06.18.2012 – In 140 characters or less? The Arthur Story: fascinating, illuminating, engaging, hard work with lots of reading. Awesome lecturer.